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Safe Baby Toys

by Snug N' Play on June 10, 2023

Safe Baby Toys

Some of the most fun aspects of the holiday season can be buying for a newbie or small friend. In light of this, it is advisable to keep in mind that anything you give them may end up in their mouth, so it must be non-toxic. Consider the effect the product is having on the environment as well. We prefer to focus on purchasing baby toys online that can be competed with for years, walked on to children, and/or are composed of environmentally friendly goods because many general toys frequently end up in waste dumps.

For traditional toys, plastic is the material option.  Avoiding plastics as much as you can is a good idea because they all contain some hazardous components.  Toxins like PVC and chemicals are found in some plastics, making them more hazardous than others.

Select the Good Toys

For security, toys are rated by age. Age grades are standards used to determine a toy's level of protection depending on the following:

  • Any swallowing or security dangers
  • The physical abilities required for a kid to engage with the toy
  • The degree to which a child can comprehend how to use the toy
  • Preferences, requirements, and skills of a child at different points in development

Consider factors while purchasing toys for kids


  • Toys should be chosen based on the age of your kid and abilities.
  • Choose toys made of organic resources like untreated wood, cotton, and wool.
  • Avoid utilizing wooden toys with paint that has chipped. 
  • Verify that the cloth toys can be washed.

Importance of Safe Toys

Chemical sensitivity can occur from engaging toys as well as from inhaling chemicals that are released into the air by the toys in the vicinity. Although a room full of plastic toys might initially appear to be a kid's fantasy world, we're finding that the opposite is actually true. As a result, parents should research before keeping their own toy racks at home, especially now that the baby and toddler market is so overrun with advanced toys for babies and toddlers.

Wooden Toys are Safe Toys for Babies 

Wooden baby toys

Babies adore objects they can hold, make sounds with, and enter their mouths during the first six months after birth. A teether is among the initial baby toys Pakistan that parents will require. Teethers help children develop their gross motor skills and coordination between their hands and eyes. Our first preference is completely natural wood that is solid because it will be one of the most frequently used items for your baby's mouth. Natural antibacterial effects, durability, and sustainability all characterize raw wood. The great advantages of being exposed to the outdoors are another factor.  There is a strong link between nature and good health, according to numerous studies.

Choose Toys According to the Baby’s age for their Safety

For Babies up to Six Months Old 

The toys for kids that can be chewed on, taken in, and pulled are ideal. They should also be large enough that the baby cannot fit the entire toy in their mouth. Good options include stuffed animals and rattle with fascinating forms and colors. 


Between Six Months and One-Year-Old Children 

Select toys in Pakistan that are durable, simple to handle, and free of removable parts. Pull-and-push toys, hanging bath toys, big building blocks, soft toys, big balls, and vehicles with the warning "safe for kids under a year of age" are excellent choices.


For Kids Between the Ages of Two and Three 

Baby toys that help a child's integration should be taken out.  Crayons, felt pens, children's books, video games, musical devices, discs, animals, carts, presentations, and ride on cars are all suitable options.  


Safety Baby Toys Tips 

Although toys for kids are a fantastic tool for fostering your kid's growth, it's crucial to take their safety into account when selecting the right toys for their age. The question "How do determine whether a toy is protected for my baby?" might be on your mind.


1. Ensure That all of Your Toys Have Been Cleaned and Sanitized

Toy laundering, cleaning, and disinfection are essential, particularly during the flu and cold season. Your kid may handle items with dirty hands, share them with other kids (or adults in charge), or even drop them on unclean, hazardous surfaces. It is now more vital than ever to consistently keep baby toys clean. 


2. Keep an Eye on Your Child.

Observe the kids during their activity and play time if you have a moment to spare. You can assist your child get developmental goals by watching them play and encouraging certain behaviors. Additionally, you can make sure that your child is safe by giving them toys in Pakistan.

 It's particularly relevant for your child's initial playtime with the toy. In this manner, you will be able to address any problems or dangers that may arise. If there are persistent hazards that keep appearing, the child's toy can be thrown away or provided.


3. The Size of the Toy is Crucial

Ensure that your kid's toys are not too big or too small for them. Toys ought to be at least 2.25 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter to prevent unintentional consumption by your child. Toys like objects, coins, tiny balls, and beading should be avoided in this regard. These are far too small and dangerous for humans to consume. Last but not least, when choosing the size of your baby's toys online, be sure that they won't shatter into multiple pieces.


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