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          Breast Feeding (2)

          Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags (6 oz / 180 ml), 25-Pack


          Dr. Brown's Silicone Breast Pump Breast Milk Catcher with Options+ Anti-Colic Baby...


          Buy the Best Quality Breast Pumps Online in Pakistan

          Being a new mom comes with super excitement. Also, it becomes a bit challenging because of their body changes and especially breastfeeding. To take proper care of your baby, you need to be ready to breastfeed him or her all the time. That little tummy can't wait for longer, but it sometimes becomes tiring. For this reason, breast pumps can be of great relief. These Breast Pumps not only take care of the mother's health but are also best in quality and hygienic.

          Why do Mothers Need Breastfeeding Pumps?

          Whether you are a house-mom or a working mom, this product is effective for all the new moms. You need to go out for some important tasks and have to carry your baby around. You can't breastfeed at a grocery store, in a long line at a gas station, or at somebody's home. That's where a Breastfeeding Machine can be of great help.

          This useful yet quality accessory will not only fill a bottle of milk for your little one to use in a difficult time. But it will also help maintain your milk supply, relieve tension and create a backup supply if you feel weak to do the task.

          It is an excellent way to help out the new mommies who are having a low milk supply. Using a manual breast pump, you can collect enough milk to feed your baby at a later stage, so that they can have a sound sleep of hours. Pumping milk is a very safe and healthy way to feed your baby. You can easily pump the milk using a breastfeeding pump and save it in secure Milk Storage Bags or Baby Feeding Bottles. Majorly, there are two types of breastfeeding pumps, Electric & Manual. Both types of breast pumps are more popular, safer, and affordable.

          How to Use a Manual Breast Pump?

          These are lightweight, inexpensive, and portable. You can easily carry your manual breast pump if you go for a long trip somewhere away from home. However, since they are manual you need to do a little hard work to use them.

          Where to Buy Breastfeeding Pumps Online?

          We have the best quality range of breastfeeding pumps, and other related accessories such as Breast Milk Storage Bags, Baby Feeding Bottles, Sterilizers, and more on our Online Baby Shop. Our range includes different prices to match your needs.

          The breast pump price in Pakistan usually depends upon the brands. At Snug N' Play, we sell breast pumps from brands such as Dr. Brown’s. When looking for quality and affordable pricing, choose us. We are a known supplier of Baby Accessories and recommended by hundreds of new parents. So, don't worry, you don't need to search around in the market or over the internet. Just place an order at our Online Store in Pakistan, and we will deliver your order to your doorstep in no time.

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