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          Jumperoos & Activity Chairs (5)

          Sit-Me-Up Comfy Portable Baby Floor Seat - Frog


          Baby Activity Center, 3-in-1 Toddler Convertible Play Center w/ Bouncing Saucer, Activity...


          Aircraft Baby Swing & Doorway Jumper


          Bright Starts Minnie Mouse Deluxe Door Jumper - Pink


          Bright Starts Bounce 'n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper


          Buy Baby Jumperoos & Activity Chairs Online In Pakistan.

          Get activity chairs for your child to enjoy meals and playtime. If your Baby has already learned to crawl, consider providing the proper support so they can sit comfortably. Buy baby jumpers and activity chairs to give the kid a safe seating position that won't put too much load on their back. 

          Best Colorful Baby Activity Chairs for Suitable-Aged Children

          Baby jumpers and activity seats are for babies between the ages of 3 to 5 months who can learn to balance their heads while sitting up. They must be inclined and comfortable because this baby gear helps in a child's muscle development.

          Parents of newborns sometimes have a joyful, boisterous, colorful jumper. Despite their size, most newborns adore jumpers as they provide them with entertaining activities. That will help them develop their muscle movements. While the Baby is entertained, activity jumpers & chairs provide parents a brief break so they may make dinner or clean up.

          Points Consider While Buying Baby Jumper and Activity Chair Online Pakistan 

          Baby Activity Jumpers should be Spacious and Comfortable.

          When you buy a baby jumper online in Pakistan for your child, be sure to consider that it is well-supported, made of a soft material, and spacious enough. Babies are vulnerable to allergies and infections, so ease of cleaning is a desired characteristic. Activity chairs with soft materials that are simple to clean should be chosen. 

          Seats should be removable.

          Choose a baby jumper with removable seats, adjustable in height, and covered with thick cushioning for comfort. So, You can remove the seats to clean the jumper easily. 

          Pick up the Jumperoos with Toys

          Electronic sounds and flashing lights are features of several toys. Your Baby won't quickly lose interest in their new seat if you choose a jumper with toys.


          Baby Jumperoo & Activity Chairs Price in Pakistan

          You can visit Sung N' Play and check the price ranges. The baby jumperoos price range at our store is from 10k to 20k. These items also aid in amusing and occupying the infant. As the infant learns to crawl and gains the capacity to sit and move more freely, they grow more quickly.  You can buy the best baby jumperoos & activity chairs from Sung N' Play with different features and high-quality materials. 

          What is the age range for baby jumpers?

          The baby jumpers are suitable for 5 to 6 month old babies. Most newborns reach full head control by the time they are five to six months old. 

          Are Jumperoos good for babies?

          A baby jumperoo helps the development of a baby's hand-eye coordination. The various shapes of the toys engage the baby's visual senses and allow them to select colors. The jumperoo's song heightens the perception of hearing. 

          Are baby jumpers safe?

          Jumperoos keep the child engaged. It facilitates the baby's energy transfer. Parents who use jumpers guarantee that their infants sleep peacefully at night. 

          How long can babies stay in Jumperoos for?

          Experts advise keeping jumper activities to no longer than 20 minutes and to a maximum of two per day.

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