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      Baby Proofing & Child Safety (16)

      Hauck Wood Lock Safety Gate | Pressure Fit | Extendable with Separate...


      Clippasafe Door Stopper CL760


      Clippasafe Cabinet Lock


      Foldable Umbrella Mosquito Net for Baby Safety - White


      Clippasafe Toilet Lock


      Clippasafe Glass Cabinet Lock


      Clippasafe Cabinet Slide Lock


      Foldable Mosquito Net for Baby Safety - Flowers Powder Blue


      Clippasafe Microwave & Oven Lock


      Hauck Cool Me | Car Seat Sun Protector | Silver


      Foldable Umbrella Mosquito Net for Baby Safety - Pink


      Foldable Mosquito Net for Baby Safety - Flowers Pink


      Clippasafe Night Light with Light Sensor, White


      Clippasafe Cabinet Slide Lock CL720


      Clippasafe Drawcord Shorteners - 2 Pcs/Pack


      Clippasafe Sliding Door & Window Limiter


      Baby Proofing Products in Pakistan for Baby Safety at Best Prices

      When babies start growing and become aware of their surroundings, they’re eager to explore and experience it by themselves. They start moving about and want to observe exciting things in their surroundings. They like to experience everything around them but don’t have a sense of what is safe and what is dangerous; that’s why parents worry about their child’s safety. Therefore, it is very important that the baby’s surroundings, such as our homes, are appropriately baby proofed. There are many products available online in Pakistan at Snug N’ Play for baby security around the house or apartment. With childproofing products, mums can be relaxed while keep doing their household work, knowing that they have appropriate protection all around the house for the baby to be safe and secure.

      Baby Safety Products for Home 

      When looking for a baby safety product in Pakistan, you need to address the danger zones around it and find appropriate child’s proofing products. There are multiple categories of babyproofing products that include sockets covers for wiring in a room, covers for table corners, kitchen entry gates, cushion covers for glass tops, bag clips, door stoppers, cabinet locks, oven locks, sliding door and window limiter, toilet lock, and bedrail. Toddler safety is the number one priority for parents, and these are the places that attract your child to explore. For the baby’s safety, the entire house should be thoroughly baby proofed.

      Corner Cushions

      A table and shelf with edged corners, especially made of glass, can be dangerous for your child. The question is, how can you save your child from any injury? Buy corner cushions online in Pakistan at the best prices and attach them to the corners of tables or tops. It is designed to ensure your baby doesn't get scratched by top corners. Cushions for corners are soft and cover the sharp edges of household furniture. 

      - Reliable for indoor use
      - Absorbing material
      - Double-sided tape

      You can explore the corner cushions for kids' safety at Snug N' Play.

      Childproofing by Multi-Purpose Latch

      When babies start growing, they observe new things and are excited to check those things more. At this stage of their life, they’re unaware of what is dangerous and what is safe, which is why parents have to step in when they get close to a dangerous position. A toddlers’ safety is a priority, but so is a parent’s peace and ease. For this reason, the best solution is to use childproofing products. Cabinets and cupboards are supposed to be kept closed where sometimes the things that are stored can be dangerous for your child and may fall on them. A baby proofing cabinet latch can be installed on cabinets, drawers, microwave ovens, and many other areas. Cabinet slide and glass safety locks are also available on our website. Childproofing latches are designed to be multi-purpose and can be installed wherever it is needed. Buy branded, imported quality baby-proofing latch at Snug N’ Play.

      - Simple to use and attach.
      - Long-lasting
      - Appropriate for multi-purposes.
      - Difficult for kids to detach it.
      - Good quality adhesive tape.
      - It does not affect furniture material.  


      Baby Safety Locks 

      Discover the ways to protect your child from dangerous things at home. There are many types of baby safety locks available online for a variety of installations. Cabinet, doors, drawers, toilets, and many other places in your home need safety locks. You can explore the collection of childproofing locks at Snug N’ Play, which includes Safety cabinet locks, baby proof drawer locks, cabinet slide locks, toilet locks, baby safety door locks, locks for microwave ovens. Parents can buy glass lock and slide locks of durable quality. It is easy for parents to unlock, but your toddler won’t be able to open the lock. Child safety locks are made with high-quality material to keep your child safe and secure at home.

      - Removable adhesive
      - Easy install
      - Latest smooth designs
      - Double press to release mechanism.

      Baby Proofing Electric Socket Covers

      In your home, electric sockets, wires, phone chargers, and extension cables can be dangerous for your child. These items attract kids and make them interested in touching those uncovered sockets. Make sure to hide these sockets from toddlers with baby-proofing socket covers. Now it is so easy for parents to keep their children safe by using electric socket covers.

      - Completely pack the electric uncover sockets
      - Easy to use
      - Modern design

      Best Quality Baby Safety Products in Pakistan

      Home is the place where your child can comfortably sit, crawl, and walk. Try to keep your house safe and secure for your babies from every end. At your baby's growing age, buying baby proofing items is the safest action done by parents for Baby Care. Check out the collection of child-proofing products at Snug N' Play online and purchase the suitable one to reduce the chances of any harm to your baby. We have multiple brands such as Clippasafe, Hauck & Moon that are available at our online store.