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Hola Cute Peacock Highchair Toy - Snug N Play
Hola Cute Peacock Highchair Toy with Multi color
Hola Cute Peacock Highchair Toy - Baby Toys
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  • SKU: TY0070

Hola Cute Peacock Highchair Toy

Rs.2,380.00 Rs.3,000.00

The Hola Cute Peacock highchair toy is well-crafted and designed to keep young children entertained when dining in or out. The toy has a suction cap which allows the toy to be attached to most flat surfaces, including highchairs or tabletops. The Cute Peacock offers a combination of different materials, colours and sounds which are designed to encourage independent exploration and stimulate a child’s sense of vision, hearing and touch.

Product Features
• Hit the tail to make it rotate.
• Pull the peacock’s head to make it nod.
• Rotate the peacock to make a clicking sound.
• Visual stimulation – The peacock’s tail features a number of different black and white patterns to stimulate your little one’s vision.
• Varied texture The hair and tail are made from fabric to provide a range of textures and materials for your little one to touch.
• The suction cup can be attached to a wide range of smooth surfaces, including eating trays, tables and floor

Suitable Age: 6m+
Battery: Not Required


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